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Colour or Perming Technician

These jobs are often offered through the Hairdressing Journal from various product companies i.e. Wella, L’oreal.  
he job entails selling products to salons and offering technical training days i.e. NVQ Level 3 perming and colouring to training academys and colleges.

Salon Management

With your hairdressing level 3 qualifications you will have the knowledge and understanding to manage a salon i.e. deal with finances, resources, stock control etc and instruct and supervise staff. This could be working for a salon owner or buying or renting a salon yourself.

Hairdressing for TV

If you enjoy creating different hairstyles or recreating historical styles etc…….. these styles may enable you to work in television or the theatre.

These types of job opportunities may be offered in various hairdressing publications. 

Hairdressing Abroad

Various opportunities arise and are offered through the Hairdressing Journal to travel as a hairdresser.

Theses jobs are often offered for a short period, i.e. one or two years but can be very exciting and challenging break in your career. 


By undertaking various training courses i.e. Assessors Award and the teacher training course 7307.
A hairdresser with level 3 qualification or ten years’ experience would be qualified to apply various training opportunities in salon and training academy’s and colleges. 

Gents Barbering

Job vacancies in the press or Hairdressing Journal sometimes only request competence as a gents barber. Assessments in both Apprenticeships and Advanced Apprenticeships cover all areas of gents barbering. There is also a separate unit you could achieve in gents hairdressing

Beauty Therapist

Look at what is possible...


Lash Technician 

specialises in eye treatments particularly lash extensions but also may offer lash/brow tinting, eyebrow shaping and occasionally facial treatments. Usually works from home or mobile (as most salons prefer to have Beauty Therapists who can offer a wider range of treatments as above with Beauty Therapist role). Usually only diploma level training is required if you are going to work for yourself


Nail Technician 

specialises in all forms of nail service including natural nail manicures/pedicures, nail extensions and nail art.
This can be within a salon or from home/mobile.

Usually diploma training required as a minimum, many technicians are qualified at Level 2 and/or Level 3.


Makeup Artist 

specialises in makeup treatments. This might be primarily Bridal/Special Occasion make up but there are also opportunities to get into fashion/theatrical or special effects work with the right training. This is usually a role involving self-employment/freelance work. Occasionally it is possible to get some form of short or long term contract e.g. with theatrical work. Usually diploma training required as a minimum, many Makeup Artists are qualified at Level 2 and/or Level 3.


Holistic/Massage Therapist

specialises in offering a range of massage treatments and sometimes additional treatments like ear candles or aromatherapy. This can be within a salon or from home/mobile. Usually only diplomas or Level 3 are required to be able to work in this field (you can usually go straight into massage courses at Level 3 without any prior knowledge of beauty being required, as they are very different fields).
Can be self-employed or employed.

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